Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday - My Week

~Happy Thursday all,

~Wow busy week here - on Friday I spent the day with my sister (Clare) and her pets - we also went bridesmaid dress shopping and she chose the most gorgeous dress!!!! You'll see pics of that in just over 5 weeks time!!! Anyway here are some pics of the day: (warning if you don't like spiders or snakes don't look!!!)

~This is me holding Larry, he's a dragon - they also have one called Ifferent (different - Daniel named him):
~Clare and Andy also have 2 spiders, they have the evil one (creepy) and this one, she is a chilly rose, and is called Legs:
~This is the dog, Zack:
~I have never been a very big snake fan, actually i was terrified but I kind of enjoyed holding this one:
~They have ALOT of pets - as well as these they also have 3 rabbits and they want another snake - it's crazy!!!!! It was such a fun day and some new experiences - which is always fun.

~This week I have also been out to the park with Robbie and Kristofer, had my wedding dress fitting and on Friday I'm going bridesmaid shopping with Lisa. Next week will be even busier with kilt fittings, hearing tests, speech therapy AND my hair trial........ i am kind of excited tho - i love busy weeks.
~I'll be back tomorrow with my Friday favourites.
~love, Vicki xxx


Lou and Mel said...

Looks like you enjoyed your day at the "zoo". Not sure about the spiders and snake as oets but- each to their own!
Looking forward to seeing the bridesmaids dress to - Only 5 weeks!!!!

Catherine said...

Oh my! You are MUCH braver than me!!!

So much wedding related things... fittings, bridesmaids dresses, hair trials... so fun! Enjoy it!!

Leah the Orange said...

i like the DOG best! ;)

actually, i rather like snakes and dragons, but will pass on the spiders. EEP!

great shots - you're a brave girl, V!

Jane (J-bug) said...

I could manage the snake and the lizard - but whoa! that spider!? No chance - Vicki you are SO brave!