Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Style Files - Geek Chic

~Happy Wednesday all,
~This week, my style files bring you some geek chic!!!! Did you know that Spain has celebrated Nerd Pride Day on May 25th since 2006??? Geek chic generally means adding current nerdy trends to your usual wardrobe..... but it can also be just dressing how YOU feel, being yourself - not someone else!!!!

~Geek chic is all around us, one of the biggest stages for this is FASHION WEEK:
~And remember geek isn't just limited to woman, this guy just pulls it off so amazingly:
~Big hair AND big glasses, this lovely lady just oozes geek (and does it well)
~Miss Lovely here rocks this big yellow scarf (are you seeing the trend in BIG accessories!!!):
~Of course geek doesn't HAVE to mean BIG glasses, it can just mean oversized accessories like this pin:
~I will be back on Friday (well tomorrow first) with some Geek Chic accessories!!!!
~love, Vicki xxx


Metal_Minish said...

Aah, lovely geeks... I had no idea about Nerd Pride Day! It must be celebrated! *w*
Love seeing some male style too, it's not fair that girls get all the fun fashion...

helena said...

love those oversized accessories - I now know what style my nephew exhibits!