Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday - My Week

~Happy Thursday all,
~Another busy week here, lots of painting and baking, and doing some photography - I needed to learn my way around my camera so much - especially as taking more photos was one of my 4 simple goals!!! Anyway I've started taking loads more already.... so here are a few from this week:

~First of all I did some baking with Robbie and Kristofer, we baked a bread and banana pudding, it smelled soooo good, here they are "spreading" the bread with the butter:
~We also did some painting this week, this is Robbie painting a picture of me - don't I look awesome???
~We bought the boys a pop-up tent and a tube thing, Kristofer loves the tube:
~I also took some pictures of the biggest poser in our house, Miss Sayba, everytime she hears a camera click she is there, and she has a ton of poses, this is my fave:
~And then I played with my macro for a bit, these are my jammies:
~I've had so much fun taking more pics, I'll definitely be doing more next week!!!!!! In other news the wedding plans are really gathering speed - the photo list is done, the invites are done, the cakes are organised....... we went and bought a tiara (yup i'm wearing a tiara!!), a cake knife and some toasting glasses the other day....... and we've started honeymoon packing too... maybe a little early but it makes sense to be organised.
~I've also applied to do an Open University Course starting in February 2011, I think I have so much going on that studying at home makes more sense - I like studying at night anyway!!! I'm doing a level 1 design course which will go towards a BA in Design!!!! Soo cool. There's a long way to go and lots of sections to do but I'm excited to start a new chapter.
~Right that's me for now, I shall be back tomorrow with Friday Favourites and, as it's the crop on Saturday, I'll be back over the weekend with something creative!!!!!
~love, Vicki xxx

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Jocelyn said...

Love all the pics Vicki....looks like a busy...but FUN week....

Thanks for sharing and wishing you a Fabulous day!!!