Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favourites - Black, Noir, Schwarz

~Happy Friday all,
~So this week's friday favourites comes courtesy of the colour BLACK!!! Why black? It's my favourite colour right now (shade, colour whatever!), I think because it's one of the colours in our wedding I am just pulling inspiration from it right now. Anyway I typed in black, noir, schwarz into google and got some images, these ones are particularly inspiring:

~This one came up when i typed in Noir, it's so totally gorgeous - such well captured photos and they still have an element of drama:
~This necklace is so gorgeous, I'm not sure I could pull off something that harsh, but the whole feel of this actually inspires something a little creative in me:
~Well you can't say black and not have a bag... right? I LOVE this shape in bags, I don't own one this shape (Jay if you're reading this that is a hint LOL - love you xx), and it's just so pretty:
~Black flowers, maybe not so common but oh so beautiful:
~And lastly, something a little bit fun:
~So that's me for now, I shall be back over the weekend with something creative!!
~love, Vicki xxx

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Denise said...

oh I have missed alot! love the back necklace and your 80's style file was an awesome trip through time!