Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feature Artist - Maggi

~Happy Tuesday all,
~So this week we have the fabulous Maggi, who is not only gorgeous BUT she's a very talented mixed media artist - this lady can actually create anything from, well, anything!!!! She also creates for the wonderful Gauche Alchemy:
Hi everyone and thanks for having me Vicki! For those of you that may not know me, my name is Maggi, I'm 33 years old and I live in North Carolina, USA. :) I've been creating crafts of all kinds for as long as I can remember (my mom is a huge crafty person so I learned a lot from her, including an obsession for Mod Podge lol). I enjoy doing a wide variety of crafts: scrapbooking, mixed media altered art, ATCs, collage, crochet...just about anything I can glue to, on or down I'm into! lol When I'm not getting down with my crafty self, I love playing video games, reading, blogging and indulging my newest obsession: Pullip dolls. :)

Who is your biggest inspiration???

Oh boy, no way can I narrow this down to just one! LOL In terms of particular artists that I find inspiring, I am always enthralled with the amazing ATCs and art quilts of Frieda Oxenham, the gorgeous customized Pullips turned Pollips of Sheena and the incredible scrapbook layouts of Yvonne Yam If I had a fifth of their talent in these creative arenas, I would consider myself 110% more awesome. lol

Why did you start creating?

For me, creating is something I have to do, whether it's painting, crocheting, scrapbooking, whatever. I've always got to be making something and if I'm not making it, I thinking about it. I've got a notebook that I jot down ideas or sketches of things I want to make. There's just something inside me that is always in creation mode...and that usually involves glitter in some way. LOL

What is your favourite thing to create?

Wow, this is always changing for me, I'm distracted very easily creatively speaking. lol Well, scrapbooking is always a constant because I want to preserve my family's memories. But otherwise I'm in a constant state of flux and flow with the things I consider my favorite. Right now I'm obsessed with crocheting and mixed media altered art. :)

What are your favourite manufacturers?

I love Ranger Ink because they make my beloved Stickles. LOL I love Cosmo Cricket's style of scrapbooking materials, they're always so colorful and retro looking. Most of what I use to create isn't sold as supplies though, I adore using vintage ephemera (such as book pages, wrappers, receipts, etc) and those you can find for free if you pillage your house for about an hour. LOL.
You design for Gauche Alchemy what is it you love about designing for them?

Gauche Alchemy is an interesting team and store to design for because they're not like any other crafty site out there. Although they supply products from well known manufacturers, their specialty is vintage ephemera and found objects. You know, things you wouldn't normally think to use on scrapbook layouts, cards or even some art journal pages and mixed media pieces. Gauche Alchemy forces you to create outside of the box and it was from them that I came to love mixed media. Their Themed Paper Craft Kits and Mixed Media Color Kits are perfect for mixed media or ephemera newbies because you have it all right there together, coordinated and easy to use. We have a lot of fun and come on, who doesn't like being a little Gauche now and then? ;)

You have a vintage blog as well as your creative one,

I sure do! Besides crafty what nots, vintage is a H-U-G-E passion of mine. At first I blogged about it all at Just Add Glitter and Stir but last year decided to split it off and Circle 7-2099 was born. This is my vintage home away from home where I can obsess and post about everything vintage. :)
Do you create with music? If so what is your favourite creative song?

Well now that Toot (my one year old daughter) is here, most of the time I'm listening to The Wiggles. LOL But when I get the chance to choose my creative soundtrack, I love listening to JPop (Japanese pop music) and depending on my mood will listen to The Monkees and/or The Doors (they're my creative comedy and tragedy as it were, lol).

What are your 3 must-have creative items?

Glitter, Glitter and more Glitter. LOL ;) Just 3?! Okay, let's see...Stickles, Tacky Tape and Sequins. :D

Have you ever created anything you've hated?

Oh heck yeah! I'm pretty critical of myself and tend to not like a lot of what I make. HOWEVER I've been working on that and have been forcing myself to be more confident about my work. Not all of it may be ready to hang in the Louvre but you're never as bad as you think you are. :) The trick is to understand, accept and love your own personal style. It's not about mine looking like yours and vice versa. I think once I get that down, I'll start to hate less and less of what I do. :)

~Maggi now has a giveaway to offer:

Thanks again for interviewing me Vicki, I had so much fun today! :) I would love to offer a little prize to your readers: their choice of any of Gauche Alchemy's Mixed Media Color Kits These are so awesome and fun to use, I have one in every color! lol This picture shows an example of ourBanana Hammock kit but the winner can pick any one of the color kits in our store:
Good luck everyone and thanks for letting me hang out with you today! And now as I like to say: Go glue something awesome onto some awesome something! :)

~Thanks so much Maggi for your wonderful interview AND this great giveaway - so fantastic. If you want a chance to win just leave a comment, giving Maggi some love... and I'll draw a winner. Please leave your comment no later than Saturday night.

~love, Vicki xxx


Wipso said...

Wow what talent. Thanks for introducing us to all these wonderfully creative people. Her lovely personality just flows out in her writing.
A x

Jocelyn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH Maggi....I just adore you and what a talented artist you are!!!

Loved reading this one!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Maggi said...

Wowowowow I had SO MUCH FUN with this interview, thanks again for having me here! :D

JANN said...

I so enjoyed viewing this post on Maggi. She is such a talented doll and my new friend. Glad you had her on your blog, I will have to come back for more of this fun.

Carmen said...

I love Maggi to bits, so fun reading more about you Maggi. Never knew you had such a fondness for glitter though, you kept that well hidden *g*

That's Who I Am said...

Maggi is one of my favorite bloggers! Love reading what she has to say and looking at her crafty pieces as well! Congrats Maggi on this fun interview:)

Chantal said...

Maggi so rocks! I love how cute you are - I love cute! :D I'm so into the whole retro stylish whatever thing too ifykwim? Loved reading this and finding out a bit more about you and so hope I win! That bananarama pack looks YUMMO!!! :P XXX

Danielle said...

That interview was AWESOME Vicki!! Nice to meet you! I'm bookmarking your blog, it is awesome!

And the awesome Maggi? I know her for years now, and she is as fabulous as you say!! She can make art from anything. Her style is awesome, and her personality makes everyone feel special!!

Maggi rocks!! As do you Vicki!!

laterg8r said...

great interview, maggi has such a great style and i love that she uses found items on her creations :D

Nancy said...

Love your style maggie and I love your vintage blog....pyrex rules.

Another fab spotlight vicki

x x

deb famularo said...

What an awesome interview. I've been lucky to be on the receiving end of Maggi's talent when she showered me with beautiful Alice in Wonderland creations for the swap she hosted! Her love for glitter and sparkle shines through in everything she makes!

Renee Lamb said...

Great questions and answers! Loved reading about Maggi and getting to know her! Thanks Vicki! ;)

allyson joy said...

Awwwwww love maggi - cute interview!!!!

ashjoy said...

Awesome interview, love the tag!

Jennifer said...

Loved reading and getting to know more about Maggie! Great Interview!

Dawn said...

Loving yr glasses hunny very 'vintage Americana 50s' and I enjoyed the interview Vicky. what a fabby give away I have been a follower of GA for a while but have yet to delve in to buying something so it would be fabby to win and have a taster woo hoo thanx for the info too!

Love Dawn xx

Leslie Ashe said...

Wonderful interview!!!!!! Loved it!

Minxy said...

Thanks for the intro to this unfamiluar {to me} artist.. and thanks for the candy offer.. dont mind if i do

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Go Maggi! Go Maggi!!! AWESOME interview...loved it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Metal_Minish said...

Maggi's awesome!
Fellow nerd scrapper, with a love for Pullips... listening to J-Pop while creating... That's awesome! XD

jacque4u2c said...

Maggi ROCKS!....I just adore you and what a talented artist you are!!!

You make it fun because of your style and fantastic sense of humor!

Chacoy said...

Maggie is absolutely amazing and very humble;}
I always say "I wish I had the amount of talent she has in her pinky." Because she is uber talented and if I had just a little piece of it then I could possibly be as good one day;}
Thanks for the Maggie spotlight and the wonderful opprotunity!

Tarnished Rose said...

Wonderful Maggi!


joyce rodli said...

Carmen, she has glitter on the brain and glitter in her blood!!!

Maggi darrrllling, you rock sideways. NOW I've got hey, hey we're the Monkees be-boppin' around my head and I want to do the mash potato and some of the other wierd dances out there!

Vicki, I've just written down your http thingy to be listed under one of my photos on Flickr. Thanks for spreading Maggi around some more. Happy happies.

Kas said...

Maggie the magnificent! Always wonderful stuff on your creative blog. I love your vintage blog also..All your cool finds are SOOO much fun to look at!

Mo said...

i'm already a maggi fan and so i loved the interview! maggie, you so rock!