Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day's 9-11

~Happy Wednesday all,
~I've managed to get caught up on Creativity Boot Camp again, I got behind by a few days because things haven't been so great here to be honest and I'm feeling a bit down.... but I did get to create a few bits so it cheered me up a little. Here are my entries:

~Day 9: Drizzle -
~I went for this cute man holding an umbrella stamp by Tim Holtz, and some blue distress inks!!! I really like the final look of this - it worked well.

~Day 10: Full Bodied:
~I have to admit that I'm not overly happy with this, it didn't quite work as well as I thought it would but that's ok - art is about trial, right????

~Day 11: Hush -
~What do you think? I used lyrics from Hush Little Baby, and I love this..... I embossed a little puppy on the ATC and use some pink adornit letters!!!!

~On Day 9 , the journalling prompt WASN'T a journalling prompt - we had to do something in a medium we haven't used in years. I haven't done any drawing or painting since High School so I thought I'd use that, and I created this small canvas:
~I'm really pleased with it!!! I am quite excited to do some more.... maybe make a little series... what do you think??? The colours aren't very bright, I used watercolours.... I might try acrylics next time.

~I'll be back tomorrow or Friday with the last few days of Creativity Boot Camp.
~love, Vicki xxx


Denise said...

I love what you created-especially the watercolor. you can get rich, vibrant watercolors such as twinkling H2O's. The pigment is very concentrated and so pretty. check it out!

Bethany Mason said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling so great at the moment but I'm loving the work you're showing. I think my favourite has to be the 'hush' one and I also love the watercolour, am so jealous as I honestly can't draw to save my life.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

These should make you feel ALOT better. Wonderful! See you tomorrow. ♥tlb

helena said...

love the variety in your pieces, I think my favourite is drizzle

liz said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Fabulous work and I really love the watercolour. Keep smiling :)