Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Favourites - Doll Houses

~Happy Thursday all,
~So today is RANDOM favourites, and I've chosen Doll Houses as my theme!!! I really want one for my birthday and my very fabulous wife to be has said i can have one!! YAY..... so exciting. This is the one that I want, isn't she pretty?:

~And of course, if you have a dolls house, you need all the fantastic accessories!!!! I REALLY want an aga for my very cute kitchen:
~My lovely Gran collects perfume bottles, who knew you could get doll versions???? How totally gorgeous are these:
~My dolls will need someplace to sleep and I love the victorian stylee brass beds (i want one for me).........
~I want this yummy couch BUT not for the living room, I've seen sweet bathrooms with couches like this one..... how much do you want it??:
~And of course, no house is complete without a pram!!!!!
~Soooooo cute. I now need to find some cute dolls for my house, but to be honest there are some MAJORLY creepy looking dolls out there.... the search might take a while.
~So that's me for today, remember to check out Miss P's interview from monday and enter her giveaway. I'll be back tomorrow with my creative projects from the week... just a few pieces from my Alice Box.
~love, Vicki xxx


Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

adorable! would love a dolls house like that, detail is amazing!

hugs mandyxx

Claireliz said...

Hey Vicki, I would love a dolls house like that, I have one that needs renovating but its nowhere near as pretty as that :)
have left you an award on my blog :)

Kirsty.a said...

Where did you find those accessories? I'm renovating my old doll's house (which my grandfather built0 for my daughter and I adore that aga

Maggi said...

I love doll houses, those perfume bottles are so pretty!

Hey, are you still collecting Blythe dolls? I preordered the new Steampunk Pullip!

Anonymous said...

I've had a deep love for doll houses for as long as I can remember. I even did a blog about doll houses once. Check it out:

I absolutely love and appreciate seeing yours and it's the first time I ever saw minature perfume bottles...yikes! What don't they have, LOL.


Metal_Minish said...

A dollhouse would be too cute to have!... I was planning on getting one when I was really into collecting Pinky:St figures, but I never got around to it... just have a couple of furnitures for them now... ^^;;

And why use the classic creepy-looking dollhouse dolls? Pinky:St, PukiPuki or even Little Pullip will fit certain dollhouse scales perfectly! ^w^
I hope you'll get that pretty dollhouse, would love to see how you'd decorate it with lovely mini furnitures and more!

Jane (J-bug) said...

You should come over and see my dollhouse Vicki - I have the cream coloured range cooker!!
I get all my accessories from The dollshouse emporium (online) - plus I make some stuff too.