Friday, April 30, 2010

30 Days - Day 28....... Your Year (so far): In Great Detail

~Happy Friday all,
~As you read this I am away on my retreat, so this is a suspended post..... woop!!! Saturday and Sunday will be too!!! Ok so it's now day 28 and that is to share your year so far, in great detail.... well I for one cannot believe it's going to be MAY tomorrow (i mean saturday).... WOW. Anyway here is my year:

~In January I went to see this:
~OMG this is definitely my favourite musical ever, it was amazing and I will definitely go see it again. I also taught my first crop class:
~That was ALOT of fun, I taught everyone how to do a layout using a pizza box, and they all loved it. Jay and I also set a date for our wedding - October 9th 2010!!!! OMG that is just over 5 months away.

~February, saw me going to my first Ann Summer's party, here is Erin modelling.....
~And my sister, Lisa wearing a police officer's outfit:
~It was a really fun night, I hope someone has another one really soon!!!!! I laughed alot that night - of course it was alcohol fulled too!!! hehe.
~Wedding plans were going well - we decided on a theme and I decided on my dress.
~In MARCH, i made these:
~Yup carrot and lemon cupcakes, these were definitely the favourite of the crop yet, followed by raspberry and white chocolate AND peanut fudge ones!!!!

~We also had these boys come stay.......
~And they have been with us since, who knows how long for but we're having fun with them and they are spending some time with their mum. Here are some pics of the fun we've had:

~As you can see we've done loads of baking, making puppets, going out and starting nursery in April...... talk about busy.
~I've also gotten lots of creating done this year, and the wedding plans are still going strong - I missed out on my chosen dress BUT i've found one i love even more.
~So that's my year, in great detail. Tomorrow is the next 365 days......

~On June 5th this is happening:
~If you want to join in, hop on over to Scrap Tiffany, and play with the designers and friends!!!!
~love, Vicki xx

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