Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WOYWW Virgin (and My Scrap Tiffany Layout)

~Good Morning (well technically afternoon),
~How is everyone today? I am sick.... boo!!!! I have an ear infection and sinus infection, as well as a fairly horrible cold - but I figured I would still play along with Julia's fabby group - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday's.........
~So if you're coming here from WOYWW, let me introduce myself a little - I'm Vicki, I'm from Scotland and if you don't already know I am Angie's (shozzy's) daughter in law to be!!! I've been scrapping for about 5 years, and I'm on the Design Team for Scrap Tiffany. Welcome to my BLOG!!!!!

~Before showing you what is on my workdesk, I'll show you a little bit of my crafty space (well our crafty space), this is my table-top tote:
~And yes that IS a christmas gift bag behind it....... haha, I haven't finished unpacking it completely yet. As you can also see, I have a pretty neat tote - I cannot stand mess, and I have to have it JUST the right way.
~Next up, I bought a black and white retro unit at the beginning of last year, and this is all the little bits that are on top of it:
~The 2 ducks were both altered by me, we have a couple of badge it's, the teddy was from my sister when I had swine flu, my other sister bought me the cow cookie jar, our friend Lori made the wooden J&V frame for Jay and myself - and the ducks on top represent us - can you guess which one I am??? Jay made the CD box at the christmas crop and that green basket was actually bought last easter in Paperchase - I fell in love!!! Oh and the wooden mannequin - Jay bought me that to alter, so I must get around to that sometime.
~My other favourite thing in our room is:
~Yup the paint collection, don't you just love it??????? I never have problems finding paint for any of my projects, and as a scrapper who LOVES paint, ink and well anything messy this little corner of the shelf is amazing.
~Anyway so what is on my workdesk??? This:
~This layout isn't nearly finished yet, and infact it isn't even stuck down. It's using Basic Grey Wisteria, and uses several hearts in the design. I haven't chosen a title yet, and I'm not really sure how I'm finishing it yet..... but I'll get there. My "little miss vintage" notebook was brought from Paperchase too - I use it to write all my ideas in and draw little sketches. You can also see my slice at the side of the photo - one of my favourite tools. And my little Morph is there too - he holds my paintbrushes at crops!!! So that's what is on my workdesk this week!!!!

~Lastly today, I used this sketch for my Scrap Tiffany project this week, from the fabulous Design Dollies:
~I turned it around, and this is what I came up with, the challenge from Scrap Tiffany was to use black and yellow (without scrapping bees):
~So that's it from me today, thanks for stopping by and I shall see you all soon.
~love, Vicki xxx


Linda Elbourne said...

Lovely to meet you Vicki ... and what a lucky gal having Angie for a MIL to be ... and yes I do LOVE your paint collection ... a lot lot lot :0)

Clare said...

Thanks for sharing your space. I am in awe of your paint collection!
Clare x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I feel like I know you already through Angie ;) Love the ducks; I've got one of those mannequins to alter, when I decide what to do with it. And all those paints OMG! Love the layout :)
Anne xx

Toucan Scraps said...

hope you get well soon Vicki.
You have a fantastic workspace and I love that collection of paint jars.
The hearts layout looks wonderful - will have to see it finished. And the penquin is cute.

Ikki said...

Hi Vicki, nice to have you on board WOYWW, hope you enjoy nosying around as much as we do. I have just returned from a visit to Edinburgh - at last your weather is improving!
You are a tidy crafter and what a super collection of paints! Love your penguin. Hope you soon feeling better. ikki

Nicks said...

welcome aboard....

i want your paint.....

Julia Dunnit said...

Vicki - how gorgeous and splendid to meet you - I feel like you just popped your head round Angie's dining room door while we were all there for a cuppa. Your room is amazing..I would lke the paint, just for the colour effect, but would probably be a rare user. Your bits and bobs that have stories make me sure to be doing a LO just like your WOYWW entry, huh! And you LOs and blog in general - super lovely - you and Jay sure have the gift.

Pam said...

Hi Vicky I've emailed the lunch box template to you. Hugs Pam

Twiglet said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog. Hope you soon feel better.

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Vicki
lovely to meet you and thanks for joining my merry band of followers, Ive joined yours, isnt this great having a nosey every wednesday, I see you love your paints, and you are a very neat crafter, omg dont come over to mine you will die of shock horror,
love your finished page and looking forward to seeing the one you are working on, I dont think you will get anything else into that tote bag, haha
Christine x

June said...

Ohhh love this and all that paint, Great work space
by the way, i now give freebies on tuesdays and wednesdays at my other blog if you want them. Just thought i would mention it so you dont miss out
Hugs June xxxx

Linby said...

wow all that paint! the layout on your desk looks good - given me an idea too! thanks for following my blog - I've returned the compliment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour Vicki! Envious of your paint collection, they look delish!

Penni said...

Loved looking at your space - thanks for sharing. I'm loving all those paints.


Helen said...

Hmmm if you don't like mess, don't come my way!! Love that shelf of paints.

Kay said...

You can come and clear up my mess if you like... bring some of your paints with you, lol

Kay said...

Forgot to say... Linda E is the lady who left the first comment for you today, and she creates the most amazing altered bean tins which is what I meant by "Linda E'd"

Spyder said...

ohooo p-a-i-n-t droool...I need more shelves to get mine out (they're in a box...a big box!) but I just love getting them out and making sure they are all shook up and happy! because they do like to be talked to, specially the yellow ones...Love visiting your work top!

Charlie said...

Gee thanks for visiting. A scrapper and a hoarder just my kind of person. My scrapping has been on a hold though as cardmaking took over a bit - but I will get back to that too. Love all your little things on top of your cupboard - I have loads of gifts on display like that - great fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad I tidied before you did! The paint's amazing; it's not just a craft supply, it's a decorative feature too!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Vicki - thank you for your visits and kind comments on my blog and for becoming a follower. You asked about my pending op - I have a tumor on my lung (which they say is non-malignent). I'm having sugery to remove it on 23rd so that what the reference is about. Thank you for your wishes.

I think that you and Angie have a fab space - I wouldn't mind coming to play with those paints - its like a shop in there - you're very lucky to have access to all that stuff.

Paula x x x

allyson joy said...

im totally sick too!!! {yuck},,, alright, so i just sent you an email,,,, sometimes my lame email addy goes to spam,,, so i thought i would comment you and let cha know,,, so maybe you can check your spam!!!! ;-)
cute blog!!!

Kirsty.a said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment on handmadebykirsty.blogspot.
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If you would like to buy any of the pieces on my blog, prices are approximately as follows (plus postage):
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Necklace £10
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You can contact me by leaving a comment or by mail
I love your workspace - all those paint pots!!!
PS: How do you ever get time to folow so many blogs?!

Wipso said...

Gorgeous paint bottles. What a lot you've got. Hope you're feeling much better very soon but til then please don't breathe on me :-)
A x

Kate said...

Hope you didn't catch that cold visiting me! Did I spy Morph hidden in one of those pics?
** Kate **

Anonymous said...

You and Angie have the most amazing space to work in, and all that stash to play with too! Welcome on board, the more the merrier, although it's taking me three days to pay everyone a visit now! Hope you feel better soon.


craftingin said...

Your work is so good, i am new to crafting and hope that i can be producing work like this soon.
I have come acrossa blog as i am looking for inspiration and they are giving blog candy. just thought you may be interested.
I am now a follower of your blog. thanks C

Sally said...

OMG loooovvveee the paint collection lots! Gorgeous blog too - tfs

Cat said...

Hi Vicki!

Love your blog and that awesome paint collection. I think mine is just a quarter of yours. Thanks for sharing.