Friday, February 12, 2010

February Week 2, and Valentines.....

~Evening all,
~Well it's practically 13th February here, so I guess I can say that Scrap Tiffany's blog hop is TODAY!!! To play along you MUST start at the Scrap Tiffany Blog, and follow the links. The theme is celebrations, so go see what celebration projects everyone has come up with!!!! There are blog candy prizes available to a lucky few too.
~I am unable to take part in the blog hop, but I will do a blog candy sometime soon. I also won't be posting a Scrap Tiffany project next week - i have ALOT going on here, and I'm a bit stressed but I'm getting through it and I will be back for February Week 4's fabulous challenge..... you'll have to wait until then.

However I did take part in the week's fabulous challenge, which was to create something to do with celebrations - as it's Scrap Tiffany's first birthday. So I decided to create something to do with our wedding - as it's an upcoming celebration:
~What do you think??? I've given it to Jay and she's going to put it up in the craft room!!!! The hearts were created using recycled material (pizza box), and a fiskars shape template. I'm really loving the altered creative feel at the moment, infact.......

~I have created a few things for Jay for Valentine's day - I won't say what they are because I don't want to spoil the surprise and I'm sure she'll want to show them on her blog - so I'll link to her's when she does. I am so excited for Valentine's and I found these images that I love:
~I have to admit that Valentine's is fast becoming one of my favourite holidays, losing out only to Christmas!!! It's so romantic, and I love shopping for V-Day presents..... so much fun!! Ah Love is in the Air.

~In other news, I was at a party on Saturday - and being a tiny bit drunk, me and my sister decided to do an interpretive dance for Jay at 4am on Sunday to this song:

~Yup, Scorpions, Wind of Change - it was fun but I'm not sure it was the prettiest dance on earth - you'd have to ask Jay..... lol!!!!
~Right that's me for now, as it's almost midnight and I have college in the morning - yup on a Saturday but I get a Tuesday off so that'll be good. Ooh on a last note - I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday so I'll post pics on Wednesday!!!!!
~love, Vicki xxx

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Maggi said...

I love your altered project! Happy Valentine's Day! :D