Wednesday, February 03, 2010

College. Spider Lily. Scrap Tiffany. AND......

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~Reception Skills
~Beauty Therapy

~These are just a few of the courses I'm doing on my course - yup I started on Monday, and it's going well so far. Today ( Wednesday), we're doing Reception Skills in the morning and Manicures in the afternoon - how fun??! I'm really enjoying the course and I've found a work placement in a local hairdressing salon, so I'm excited and will hopefully be starting that on Friday. There is alot to learn, and alot to take in, but considering I havent' worked or studied in almost 5 years, I'm doing ok. I must admit that i was NERVOUS on Monday - meeting new people and being in new places always make me a wee bit sick feeling but I did ok and I spoke to people in my class - they are all lovely but all under 21 so I feel a little bit on the old side!! haha. Anyway I shall keep you all updated as things progress.

~My lovely blog/facebook friend Calia, has recently started her own business venture, Spider Lily and she is doing a fabulous giveaway to celebrate her opening. For a chance to win all YOU need to do is become a follower on the Spider Lily blog - go check it out, the prize is amazing. And Calia - congrats hun, I know you'll be a success.
~Have you checked out Scrap Tiffany this week?? The Design Team challenge was to use a photo of a baby, preferably yourself. So........
~Yup that is me, aged about 10 months or so (I think), having a bath in the sink!!!! And I used Basic Grey porcelain for this one, I forget just how versatile this pack actually is!!!! Also over at Scrap Tiffany, we have our own fresh new forum - come check it out, we have lots of fun and chat.

~You didn't think I'd actually post on my blog without mentioning the WEDDING.... did you???? LOL!!!!
~Plans are continuing to go well, i have chosen THE dress - yay!! it's really beautiful and I feel good in it. I wont' share pics - you can wait until after the wedding. Obviously as things progress I'll keep you updated - I'm still so excited and I'm loving all the planning - although Jay fears I am turning into a little bit of a bridezilla, and I have to admit - maybe a small bit!!!
~Lastly, I may have to take my wedding ticker off, because for some reason it now thinks my wedding is on a Wednesday - it's not!!! It's actually on a Saturday - but it's been wrong since I put it up, so if it disappears and is replaced by something else this is why.
~Thanks, as always, for stopping by.
~love, Vicki xx


Maggi said...

So glad your first day went well! Love your layout, I so enjoy seeing your creative work! Happy your wedding plans are coming along!

Catherine said...

I LOVE your LO!! You've been such a busy girl! I'm glad to hear your class is going well!

Rebecca said...

Super cute LO--I have a few bath in the sink photos of myself somewhere too--love those!