Sunday, March 01, 2009

Scarlet Lime

~As I said yesterday i got the January Scarlet Lime kit from a friend at the crop I go to. Anyway I decided to do a couple of layouts with it, and then take the rest apart and use it seperately!! so here are my layouts........

~My New Hat
~The only thing i used not included in the kit was the clip on the little round stamp block.

~The photo is of me at Glasgow German market in December, just after I had bought my new hat.

~MP3 Boobs
~I added some white lettering and some magic mesh to the kit for this layout.

~This was a photo taken in the summer when i had nowhere to put my MP3 player!!!!!

~I have to say I really enjoyed playing with the eclectic mix of this kit - i really had fun!!! I would definitely buy this again.

~Thanks for stopping by, Vicki xxx


Kit said...

loving these Layouts especially the mp3 one!

Jo Power said...

What greatpapers and great layouts love the my new hat one.

daydreamer said...

& your b**bs aren't bad either! lol
sorry couldn't help myself, mind like a sewer! lol
seriously lovely LO's
Rach x

Fairyqueen said...

Love the LO's and the new hat is great. The mp3 lo is fab!!

my5bratz said... laugh about me using my bra as a wallet...great Los

Calia Yang said...

love your layouts!! that mp3 boobs TOTALLY caught me off guard - i really laughed hard on that one!! lol ^_^

Biskit said...

fab LO's. I'm not sharing the boob pocket with my dh though - he may stop me buying handbags if he see's that! LOL.