Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's Tuesday.....

~It's been a quiet sort of week so far, I've done the first coat of paint in my bathroom which is great and that's about it!!!!!

~I've also taken my photo blog offline, mainly because having 3 blogs is just toooo hard!!! It's easier and a whole lot less complicated to have my every day life here and my scrapping on my other blog, Scrapping the Night Away. Obviously this change means that my weekly photo and my Digital Photography night class pics will both come back to this blog; and all my favourite pics of days out and other goings-on will come back here too so look out for those changes!!!

~Lastly I wanted to share this advert, if you havent' seen it then please watch it because it's is FUNNY, and if you have then you should watch it again, it doesnt' get any less funny. Here is the new orange wednesday ad, starring the Wicked Witch......

~That's all for now,
~Vicki xxx

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