Friday, February 24, 2012

Purple Headband//Finished Object Friday

Wow Friday already and, guess what? I have a finished object:
This cabled earwarmer took me just a week to complete, and I actually only knitted it on 3 of those days - I'm really pleased with it and I love the colour - it's the same one as my kitty hat.
Go check what everyone else is up to on Tami's blog; I'm excited to see some finished objects.
V x


Nicky said...


I've yet to try cabling but I might just give this pattern a go.

Kathleen said...

That looks awesome, so squishy and warm.

Ruthy said...

I love the color if I knew how to knit I would give it a try. I also wanted to say that I am a new follower and I found you via twitter.