Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knitting Needles//Pinterest Sunday

I cannot believe it's nearing the end of the month again - just one more Pinterest Sunday then it's March!!! Next week I will start back on the colours but as I've spent this last month knitting, I figured needles would be a good place to start!!!! So here are some pretties!!!!

I would love to know what decade these plastic needles came from, as I picked up about 10 pairs in a charity shop. I love this pic:
The tops of these needles are too cute, and I'm not even the biggest polka fan:
If I owned these, I probably wouldn't use them - they are just gorgeous:
If I didn't have cats, and I owned this many pairs of needles this would be how I want to display them, this is gorgeous:
I love the tops of these too, so pretty:
Making an antique jug a little more exciting:

I love knitting needles, and at the moment I have around 34 pairs of straight needles - the majority are not new ones, and I've become a little addicted to searching charity shops!!!!!
Anyways I'll be back later in the week,
V x
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