Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Series'//Honest To Blog

I've found, in the blogger world - that people become very presumptious of others. I've been guilty of doing it myself - sometimes I'll find a blog and judge it on the top post....... which isn't always fair. Look further and you'll maybe find a little gem........

I personally don't read every single post on the blogs that I follow; but I know that posts I love to read and I regularly go through my reading list; check out what people are doing or have been doing. I love reading blog series by these lovely ladies:

Emma of Food Coma
Elsie of A Beautiful Mess
Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee
Kaylah of The Dainty Squid
Julie of Notes on Paper

Doing blog series' can sometimes be really difficult, having the time to keep up and knowing enough about your chosen subject....... sometimes it's nice to do a series alongside another person (for example Honest to Blog is an idea that I first found on Little Chief Honeybee) but you still have to have the foundation.

I have a few series' on my blog:
Pinterest Sunday
Girl Crush
Kids Stuff
Weekly Creative
Feature Artists

And a few mini series':
Honest to Blog

I'm not the most regular blogger, and I know that frustrating for regular readers - especially if you're following a series - but I'm trying to get better. Having some time off from my blog helped, so I plan to do that maybe twice a year then hopefully my blog can stay fresh. This coming month I have some fabulous feature artists, some weekly creative and I've already scheduled a pinterest sunday.

V x


Carmen said...

See I get all in a tizz if I go offline for a few days and feel like I absolutely MSUT catch up on all the posts I've missed on the blogs I follow. It's why I have a regular pruning of the ones I do follow (I try not to click 'follow' now unless I know I def will be back) It got so stressful I thought I was letting these people down *g* Am trying to be a bit more relaxed about my viewing now - though I do still have mad catch up days :P

Maggi said...

I hate missing posts of the blogs I enjoy reading but I decided to quit feeling guilty abut it. And to quit feeling guilty if I decide to take some time off from my own blog. If definitely affects readership but if I stay sane it works. lol I do my Friday Night Fab Five feature and try to do that every week. Been doing a lot better in 2012 so far! :D