Friday, December 02, 2011

Baking//December Daily

So for today's December Daily page I have chosen to dedicate a page to baking..... I love to bake, and so today we tried out an apple cinnamon coffee cake/bread - the recipe is HERE by Joy the Baker. We got started as soon as I got Kris from nursery as it takes a while for the dough to rise - but it's well worth it and you can eat one/freeze one as it makes 2. Here is my page for today:
I have to say it is a yummy bread, I am glad I found the recipe - we all love it!
I also wanted to share these pics with you; we put our decorations up on 27 November when my sister and Daniel were visiting:
 Here is Clare with Robbie:
Putting the decorations up in our house is always a big deal; we have 4 trees and tons of other little bits and pieces (I'll share soon!!) and we have our ANNUAL tree-off. It's me and Robbie vs Jay and Kris..... of course both teams think they've won but what matters is that we have so much fun doing it and this year we watched Polar Express straight after - it was awesome. Both boys are excited for christmas coming; and all the things we have planned for this month.
V xx

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Queenie said...

Wow great page,bread sounds yummy will check out the recipe for sure.I started making bread in the summer and love it!
Have a good weekend.