Sunday, August 07, 2011

Pinterest Sunday - It's A Little Bit Funny

Happy Sunday all,
We are heading off to Orkney tomorrow - and I am so much looking forward to it; getting away for a few days and going someplace new - my favourite!!!! Ok so today I thought I'd share another one of my favourite boards - It's A Little Bit Funny..... I love to just go into this board and have a laugh when I'm feeling a bit down..... it's fun. I don't have tons of pins in there, but here are a few of my faves:

This one is called the anti-disney...... so true.
I really think I need to make me on these - it's an envelope bookmark!!!
Vintage signs for social networking = genius!!!
The Body Shop Campaign - really love this!!!
EVERYTIME I see this, I want to do it!!!!
I love this, Twilight meets Harry Potter - that could make an awesome movie!!!!

Do you have pinterest? Let me know who you are on it!!!! I love looking at other people's boards - I am so ultra nosy!!!
Ok so I am off - i have some features this week while I'm away.
love, V xoxo

*all the links go to my pinterest, the original sites are at the top right of the pinterest photos.

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