Thursday, July 07, 2011

On Being 29.

Happy Thursday all,
I thought I would come by and share some photos and thought about turning 29 (shhh that means 30 next year). My birthday is July 2nd so this year it fell on a Saturday. On Friday night I chose to have my birthday tea (knowing I was going out on Saturday). It was amazing - my MIL did a great job. Homemade scones with clotted cream; coronation chicken sandwiches; dairy milk biscuits and so much more. Plus this yummy cake:

It was a very delicious cake!!! I also opened my cards and presents - I had asked everyone for money this year so I could enjoy my day out; but I also got a new necklace, a cute butterfly pen and a new Tinkerbell for my collections (will share pics of them soon).
So Saturday I got up early and got the bus at just after 7am to Edinburgh. So early, yes. But I had the day to myself and I was excited. I decided not to take my camera, but just my ipod (instagram is my friend!). I took a 29 portrait first:
To be honest the next pics are all out of order, but ah well that's ok - sometimes random is better!!! I found this cute little antique shop out in Portobello; I loved the chair in the window - if only I lived closer, I so would have bought it:
The first shop I went to was The White Stuff - I shall definitely be going back. Everything is displayed so beautifully - I loved the collection of books inside an old fridge..... and other things inside a washing machine - it was fab just to walk around (I did buy a few things too):
Thanks to Emma (of What's a Yummy Mummy) I managed to find Anthropologie - I'm such a nerd tho, I got there early and waited outside!!!! It is a very beautiful shop - I could have bought one of everything really, but in the end I bought a little notebook and mooched for a while:
After I got off the bus, I went to starbucks - because that is what I do whenever I head into Edinburgh. I had my usual soya hazelnut latte (and a pain au chocolat), it was yummy. And speaking of Starbucks - later on (when i was a tiny bit lost) I bought a caramel latte frappuchino - and OMG I am totally a convert; it was amazing:
This is a picture I took on my way to Edinburgh, from the road bridge - it was a very pretty day:
I did have an amazing day;I started my morning on George Street, and then got a bus out to Portobello. I went to the Grassmarket (as detailed in yesterday's WIP post) but I did get a little lost - I decided to NOT go back the way I came but to keep walking - I must have walked for a good few house; popping into little vintage shops the whole way (and of course starbucks). I found a bus stop and headed back to Princes Street where I spent the last of my money and got the train home!!!!
When I got home, this picture was waiting for me from Robbie - this is me:
I thought (lastly) I would share a couple of pictures of things I bought. I found a pretty 2nd hand camera out in Portobello - and I had to have it:
I also bought a new sleep-mask; my collection is getting quite large now but I think this one is my favourite at the moment:
And in the White Stuff, I bought a new pair of canvas shoes - my Fat Face ones have sadly broken so these are a very gorgeous replacements:

All in all, it was a fantastic birthday - I don't know what 29 will bring; but I know that 29 feels different - maybe because next year will be 30???. I am honestly excited to see what 29 will bring - will it be different from 28? I hope so, 28 was an amazing year for me so hopefully 29 can bring more of that.
love, V xoxo


Angie said...

Great post DIL. xx

Delusional Knitter said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!! Nice post, loved hearing about your travels.

Just Jaime said...

Happy belated! We share the same birthday!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Happy Birthday! That cake looks delicious! I'm turning 28 so I know how it feels to be close to 30!!

Tamara Epps said...

Looks like you had a fab time and that cake looks amazing.