Thursday, April 14, 2011

April - Part 1

Happy Thursday all,
Wow the response to my knitting post yesterday was fantastic - thank you so much; and to my new followers - welcome!!!! Only 41 people off 200 - that is huge and I will be doing a giveaway when my blog gets there.
Ok so I thought I would do an April post, I will be doing another next week because April so far has been really busy, so here are some photos from the very beginning of April.

Most people know by now that I had surgery on my leg, it's feeling a bit better but I have some painful lumps on my leg and one of the cuts is really open so the healing is quite sore. I have got a wee photo to share - this is the bruising on day 4:
Kristofer has decided his favourite thing to do in the morning is climb into my bed, here he is saying "cheese" to the camera:
One of our (too many) cats, Wanda has become very cuddly and loving in the last month or so - she certainly wasn't before that!!! Anyway I took this picture of her - which is also odd because she usually does not take pretty pictures:
Last week Robbie and Kristofer spent some time in the garden with us, and discovered snails!!!! Robbie found this huge one and decided to call him Gary (of Spongebob fame!!):
This month has also seen the kids going out to play on their bikes!! We had to get them mended but they came back last Monday and they have barely been off them. Of course with bikes comes falling so we got helmets and elbow/knee pads. This is Kristofer riding his bike:
And that's only the first week or so; next week I will have some actual photos taken from my camera (instead of instagram); we spent time with Jay's brother (Steve) and his family (Emma, Ben, Jake and Olly) - check out Emma's blog, it's fab. We also took our boys to Letham Glen - which is a nice park about 10 minutes away (on the bus); and we visited the graveyard. This week has been busy but not really in pictures; but I'll say more about that in next week's post.
See you all tomorrow for Girl Crush.......
love, V xoxo


Anonymous said...

You can never have too many cats ;-) lovely April Photos :-)

Amy said...

Your photos are fabulous!! I'm sorry to hear about your surgery....that is some bruising! Hope you are better soon! I LOVE the font on your that one of the ones you can choose on blogger?? I love it!