Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pinterest Sunday - Spring Edition

Happy Sunday,
Well Spring is definitely well on it's way and I'm feeling good (albeit slightly sinusy...); so I've decided to do a new blog feature called Pinterest Sunday (pinterest is HERE - check it out). Each Sunday I will choose some fabby pins (some from my collection and some not); today I am doing a spring edition, because even though it's a little grey outside I feel quite sunny. So here are my 5 picks for this week:
some very pretty wishes (that's what we call them):
spring flowers are always beautiful:
outside on a lazy day:
delicious spring colours:
.....and, of course, you can't talk spring without thinking cherry blossoms:
And because it's spring, I've decided to have a new blog look - I'm going to keep it for a good while this time; it's nice and bright and I love the wall print background; definite win!!!! I had alot of fun redesigning it too - i feel like my design style is changing, it's fun to explore that sometimes.
In other news - I am going in for surgery in 12 days; I have some bad veins in my leg so I'm having them stripped..... I'm a little nervous just now but i know it will be fine and I'll feel much better when it's done. Also I got a really great grade for my first OU assignment, so I'm really happy with that and the tutorial yesterday was brilliant.
love, V xxx


Catherine said...

I love cherry blossoms! Great picks. Spring is not quite on the way over here, we just got about 30cm of snow!

I'm sure your surgery will go smoothly. Are you getting time off work for recovery?

Sandy said...

I wish it were spring, but fear it's still quite a ways off, despite what the calendar says. Yesterday's snow did melt, so there's hope. Those dandylions make me sneeze...yikes.

Kirsty.a said...

Congratulations on your assignment. What's your course? Good luck in surgery

Pam Wendt said...

What a beautiful blog you have! And welcome again to the TwoPeas Pod! :o)

Anonymous said...

I really love cherry blossoms! wooo spring!!

Congrats on the good grade and good luck with your surgery!!

Diane Payne said...

Love all the Pinterst inspirations!