Sunday, February 06, 2011

(Last) Weekend Fun

Happy Sunday all,
I know I have been a bad blogger this week - it's been a bit of a sick house here. Both kids have had flu, and Robbie has an ear infection. I got flu, then spent Thursday at the hospital because sinusitus caused severe eye pain - I went to see ENT on Friday and they told me I have a deviated septum and will need surgery; and it also turns out when I broke my jaw (aged 10) it wasn't set properly so I have to go see the orthodontist - so not really the news I was expecting, but hopefully all will be dealt with soon.
Anyways last weekend I spent some time with my sister, Lisa and her boys - Jamie and Oscar, we ate pizza and way too much chocolate; watched Toy Story 3 and laughed through Grown-Up's. On Sunday we went and watched Tobias Mead (street dancer from Britain's Got Talent) and Jamie got his arm signed - Tobias was pretty awesome to watch. Anyway here are some pics:

First is Rosie lying on my bag that I was trying to pack; the next is Spyro (Lisa's dragon) - he is such a poser and takes gorgeous pictures, the final 2 are both Oscar, he was helping with the washing then eating chocolate in his woody pyjamas.

Finally this is Jamie getting his arm signed by Tobias:

It was a really good weekend; and I came home to my lovely wife and the kids!! This week looks busy right now, with appointments on 3 of the days and my diet starts tomorrow - I have to admit I am looking forward to it, I lost over a stone last year and felt great for it so I'm excited to get back down again. I'm going to do some inspirational clothes posts this week - there are so many gorgeous clothes out right now it will be nice to get some new things.

I'm off now, I'm feeling a little rough again and Kristofer wants me to read him a story.

love, V xxx

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