Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Work In Progress - Travelling!!!

Happy Wednesday all,
I wish I had something more exciting to share for my WIP Wednesday (LINK), but unfortunately I don't!!!

As I'm off to London tomorrow for 5 days, I'm taking my knitting with me - it has grown somewhat since last week but as I'm just knitting garter stitch I figured I could do some on the train on the way down!!!

I have to admit I'm quite happy that I can finally use this little bag:

It's the perfect size and I got it as part of a knitting set from Neeka Knits on Etsy; and it just holds everything I need for my project AND an extra ball of wool - because who wants to run out???

I have started a 2nd project - I know I probably shouldn't have but I found the perfect cable knit hat pattern in a magazine; that is good for beginners so I've cast on and I'm hoping to work on it some more when I get home.

Right that's me for today, i have kids to get to nursery and then I'm going to my BIL's house for the day - so a few train journey's.

I will be posting a London inspired post while I'm away; and I'll have some "real" life photos next week.

loves, V xx


Crystal Allen said...

Veeerrrry cute bag! :D

paula said...

Happy travels! Looking forward to seeing what pops out of that cute bag next week. The yarn is lovely!

Marushka C. said...

Good luck with your new hobby. I find that knitting makes traveling (and many other things!) a lot more fun.

Kathleen said...

I can never resist starting more than one project at a time. I hope both of yours will go well. (And oh gosh, that bag! Cutest thing ever. I need a cute project bag.)

Maggi said...

What a cute carryall knitting bag! Have fun on your trip!

Denise said...

Have fun on your trip. That's a nice project bag.

autumngeisha said...

Smart girl to bring along some time eating knitting on your travels. And nothing enhances the pleasure of knitting like a cute project bag. Have a wonderful trip!
(You do realize that you've now opened Pandora's box by starting a 2nd project before finishing the first, right? Welcome!)

Affiknitty said...

Riding on the train and knitting sounds lovely. That is an adorable knitting bag!

Tami Klockau said...

Have a great time in London! It sounds like you have everything you need in that adorable bag! I can't wait to see the cable hat pattern you started!