Monday, July 12, 2010

Recipe Monday (& winner recall)



Fry Light



Light Mince

Beef Stock Cube

1/2 pint boiling water

Chilli Flakes

Kidney Beans

Crushed Tomatoes (tin)

Herbs of choice



. Spray fry light in the pan, and cook off the chopped onions and mushrooms.
. Pour boiling water into a jug, and add stock cube, pour into pan
. Add mince to water and cook off on a medium heat
. Add a small amount of chilli flakes (you CAN add more later), herbs and garlic
. Leave to simmer for about 10 minutes on a low heat.
. Pour in tomatoes and kidney beans.
. At this point I turn it off and leave it until dinner time (i always cook this early in the day), and then just heat it when you're ready to eat!!!

Alternatives - you can add a shake of worchestershire sauce, you can add baked beans or for a more tomatoey flavour just add some tomato paste.

The ingredients are rough measurements, I just add in what I think - most of the ingredients can be added at any point through the cooking, so it's mostly trial and error!!!!!

~Chilli is one of our favourites at home!!! If you have any chilli variations (low fat preferably) please email me, i would love to try other ways of doing this!!!!!!!!

~I'll be back tomorrow with a fabulous creator, you'll want to stop by - she is fabulous and have giveaway is to DIE for!!!!

~love, Vicki xxx
~The winner of Steph's giveaway never came forward so I shall now draw someone else...... and that person is Adrienne Pierce - please contact me with your details!!!!


JANN said...

Chili recipe sounds delicious , always helpful to be a diet version -
if that is possible. Thanks for posting. What is your favorite dessert ?

ashjoy said...

Yummy recipe! TFS!

aussiescrapper said...

I think this looks divine, I am going to give this a go, trying to lose some weight so it is diet, even better. Love Melxx