Monday, July 19, 2010

Recipe Monday (and a winner)

~Happy Monday all,
~Last week I got a request to share some favourite desserts - I'm not really a huge dessert maker, especially on this diet but I figured I'd share some sweet treats that I've had since being on this diet!!!!!

~Jelly is one of my favourites, and you can buy it in sugar free (or jello in the states). Instead of making it up normally I use sugar free lemonade instead of the cold water - so you get a slightly fizzy jelly - it is sooooo good!!!!!
~I love having different fruits too - one of my favourites is stewed rhubarb - I use some candarel (sweetner) to stew mine in then I have it with some fat free strawberry yogurt!!!! So good!!!!
~Other fruits I like - and that are super to get your motabolism going - are pineapple, apples, kiwi's, strawberries and grapes - some of my faves. I think oranges are but i'm allergic.

~Ok so those are a few of my favourite sweet treats, if you have any to share with me that would be super great. chose NANCY as our winner for Michelle's gorgeous necklace. I'm hoping to still have an interview tomorrow - just waiting on the answers coming through to me.
~love, Vicki xxx

PS - Nancy can you email me your details at

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Dawn said...

Hubby had a stron urge for jelly last week (lime it had to be LIME) I like the adia of adding lemonade ;0)

Love DAwn xx