Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Feature Artist - Steph

~Happy Tuesday all,
~So today features another fabulous artist - Miss Steph, she is a fabulously creative person who designs for both Category Stories and Twisted Sketches!!!!
my name is Stephanie, im 27 years old, i live in the UK and have been getting creative for about 5/6 years.

Who is your biggest inspiration??? i have to say, that changes. i used to find Elsie Flannigan inspiring and the first scrapping book i bought was her '52 challenges'. Now i tend to find inspiration in things like films and magazine adverts, but still refer to my Ali Edwards books if im stuck - i cant do things as simply as her but find her work a great springboard to other ideas.

Why did you start creating? ive always liked arty things and when i was at university, i got itchy fingers to try something new. a friend had just been to canada where she was introduced to scrapbooking and she showed me!
What is your favourite thing to create? mini books. i love getting my Bind it All out and gathering all the paraphenelia ive collected from trips!

What are your favourite manufacturers? american crafts! i love them! Their stuff is so versatile and simple.
You do alot of crotchet blythe hats, how do you work in minature? carefully!! and slowly. its so easy to make mistakes.

What inspired you to learn crotchet? my nan taught me to knit when i was younger and i forgot as i grew up. one day i found a beautiful blanket she'd crocheted when i was a baby and it inspired me!
Do you create with music? If so what is your favourite creative song? i struggle to concentrate when there's music around, so i create in silence!

What are your 3 must-have creative items? a good adheisive, plenty of alphabets and space.

Have you ever created anything you've hated? ive tried dressmaking but nothing ever gets finished. i should just avoid it in the future but i refuse to be beaten.

~Steph has also offered this fantastic giveaway (international):
~That's all for now, thanks Steph for the fantastic giveaway!!!! I shall be back later on today (or early tomorrow) with today's creativity boot camp lesson.
~love, Vicki xxxx


Claireliz said...

Ooooh another cool giveaway. Just letting you know, I've blogged the LO I made with your Yummy blog Candy.
Thanks again Vicki

Adrienne Pierce said...

Just love to read about other scrappers!!!It is fun to see their "whys"...Lovely displays...great giveaway!

Jocelyn said...

What a great post...I too so enjoy reading about others that love this craft!!!! Thanks Vicki for doing these posts!!!

Have a great one sweet friend!!

Nicole Brenna said...

You are so talented... thanks for sharing your projects with us. Thanks for the giveaway so kind of you...

stephanie said...

Hi guys! thanks for checking out the post!

scrappyjacky said...

It's so fascinating to read about other scrappers and how they work.