Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Favourites - Style Crush....GLEE!!!

~Happy Thursday all,
~So I've decided that the 3rd Thursday of each month will be reserved for Style Crush favourites!!! So the 1st Thursday will be creative favourites, and then the 2nd/4th (and possibly 5th) Thursday's will just be at random!!! Sound good???

~Ok so right now GLEE is my favourite thing to watch on TV and my favourite music to listen too on my Ipod!!! And some of the ladies have fantastic clothes, so I thought I'd share my Glee style crushes this month.

~On last week's episode (at least in the UK), Rachel was wearing this sweater:
~OMG it's just too cute, I quite like owl things but this jumper is fantastic - I need one for Autumn, I might just have to track one down.

~Emma Pilsbury has the most awesomest wardrobe ever, and yes I am a little jealous of her fantastic shoes:

~I found this little collage while googling, which is inspired by the lovely Mercedes, she dresses well and I LOVE this t-shirt, feathers ROCK:
~And of course you can't talk style crushes and not include a little bit of Tina:
~What's not to love? I mean I couldn't pull off her look but I can still admire it right??? I really want boots like those tho!!!
~So those are my GLEE style crushes, I would probably not suit even half of these clothes BUT I can still crush on them.... i think!!! It's the shoes... and well everything else. LOL.
~If you pop by tomorrow I actually have something creative to share (shock)!!!!
~love, Vicki xxx


Jades Craft Crafts said...

I love Glee tooo! the show, the music and the Clothes! and I agree on the sweater, if you manage to track one down, please share!
Enjoy your day!
Jade Xx

Maggi said...

I love Emma's look on the show!

Jane (J-bug) said...

Oh - I totally love Glee too - have just watched the whole first volume on DVD. Never really noticed the clothes - you have a good eye for design Vicki!!

Katie said...

Hooray Glee! I love all these style crushes, especially the owl t-shirt and all Emma's looks! Shes so cute :P