Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Feature Artist - Ally

~Happy Tuesday all!!!! ~It seems like only yesterday that the lovely Miss Tiffany was doing her interview, but today is the turn of the uber-fabulous Miss Ally:
hey there cutie pies, im allyson, i go by ally a lot, or allyson joy, or allyson is fine too,,, ill pretty much answer to anything,,, ;-) im over here in sunny southern california very close to san diego. born and raised pretty much in this area give or take a city here and there,,, i love being in southern cali, but a big part of me wants to visit and or live in oregon. always have had that desire,,, and ive never been. funny,,, ive been creating my entire life. always. my mom is extremely crafty and creative. her whole family is, i get it from them. i got my first sewing machine when i was about 12 and started scrapbooking after the birth of my first child, daniel. he is now almost five years old. i am a mother of two, and i have a hubby that supports my hobby slash job slash passion very much so. he golfs, so he gets what its like to love a passion. i am also one half of the pink ninja nation. i am one of the owners and i am also owned by pink ninja addicts. my bestie and i created this perfect pink ninja nation close to one year ago. it is our dream, our love, our passion and our child. i love creating. i have made the most amazing friends and adore every moment of the times we spend together. im in love with the hobby,,,

~Here is Miss Ally's interview and some of her lovely creations:

Who is your biggest inspiration??? ~ well, there is the obvious, if you know me, you know that i adore and follow elsie flannigan,,, i think she is perfect. i admire her child like view on life, and her amazing desire and drive to keep her dream alive, making her wise beyond her years. shes a perfect combination of a dreamer and a realist. i admire that. scrapbookers,,, my most recent find is larissa of ~ http://lariscrap.blogspot.com/ . she blows me away with her talent.
Why did you start creating? ive always been into taking photos. f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for as long as i can remember. mind you my mom took pictures of me every single day of kindergarten and first grade,,, geee,, wonder where i got the desire to take pictures from,, and since ive always loved creating, once scrapbooking was introduced to me in 2005, it was game on. i didnt get very serious or wasnt able to, i should say, till after the birth of our second baby, august of 2006. my kids are fifteen months apart, so needless to say, you dont get a whole lot done. at all. i squeeze in what i can, but i gotta admit, i have a amazing support team. between my mother in law, my mom and my husband, im able to get a lot more done then what a *normal* person in my shoes would. they help me so much. im very lucky. and back to the question, i admire the art work behind it. being a busy chicky & mama, i have to admit, i wanted something for myself. scrapping is so darn therapeutic to me. and i dont feel guilty doing it. its fun, loud, crazy and the entire time, i stare at photos of my loved ones, i feel like theyre there with me. and i get projects done like nothin,,, when i used to sew a lot, its so stinkin time consuming that id get bored and never finish the project. id think of the next project id wanna create and get so excited about it, that i wouldnt finish the project i was one,,, that happened a million times. scrapbook layouts, i can whip those babies out and move right along to the next source of inspiration,,, love it.

What is your favourite thing to create? layouts. hands down. i love it. i adore 8 1/2 X 11
Why did you start Pink Ninjas and Pink Ninja Addicts? my bestie, nely and i had lunch once after a class that i had taught, thats how nely and i met, shed take my classes that i would teach,,, anyway, it just kinda happened. we were chatting about a fun inspiration blog idea, and how rad it would be to run one. we could be the chicks making the prompts. we wanted a tad bit of an edge. i loved being on punk rock scrappers, yeah, that didnt last very long,,, the blog just got ignored,,, and never touched again, and nely and i both were chatting about how we could do that if we wanted to. why not?? and the birth of the pink ninjas came very shortly afterwards,,, http://thepinkninjas.blogspot.com/ . from there, nely and i realized that we have an amazing partnership. we work really, really well together. and we wanted to start ordering products. mainly for us, and we thought that we could create one of a kind scrapbook kits and share the amazing combinations that we were coming up with. we got so excited and things started rolling. weve put so much time into the details of this kit company, hand made embellies, rocking guest designers, paper combinations like crazy, unique details and trims,,, its so much fun,,, crazy, fun but holy.smokes. what a full time job this has become. http://pinkninjaaddicts.blogspot.com/ we have split our duties, nely is the main blog author of the pink ninjas {our inspiration blog} and i author the addicts blog {our kit club}, that way, we know our duties and things are taken care of. of course, were there for each other when details are needed to be handled, again, were a great team. im very lucky to have met her. aside from being a great business partner, nely is so much fun, we do everything together, from concerts to padre games, to hanging at my house scrapping and having a few drinks. i adore that chicky,,,

What do you look for in potential designers (as I know you have a DT call happening NOW)? we love when designers arent afraid. everybody has their own style, i personally look for what i like. i look for color, lots and lots of color, i love pink {of course} and i love bright and fun creations. i love layers and dimension. fun photos and i like when creators dont take themselves too seriously. i love random embellies, but i have to admit, if the colors clash too much and the pages looks too random, like stuff thrown on there,,, no likey,,, i love flow and chaos, pretty and edgy,,, its all about a balance. balance is super important to me.
Do you create with music? If so what is your favourite creative song?
yes!!!!!!! i sooooo do!!!! when i create at home, i usually just through serious satellite on, top whatever is current at the moment,,, but i loooooove lady gaga, shakira and britney spears!!!!! love music, music is such a large source of inspiration in my creations,,,,
What are your 3 must-have creative items? sanding block, scissors {to distress paper}, ultimate glue, {its the most perfect wet glue in the entire world}
Have you ever created anything you've hated? oh have i?? yes,,, sadly some things ive created as of late make me wanna cry,,, yes, i totally have,,, and im not sharing pictures!! ;-)

thank you so much miss vicki for the interview, this was soooooo fun!!!!

~Be sure to go check out Miss Ally's blog - it ROCKS and if you fancy being a Pink Ninja, go check out the DT call HERE. I was a pink ninja for a day at the beginning of the month and it rocked - it had so much fun... there are fantastic challenges and both Ally and Nely are fab.

~Make sure you pop by tomorrow for WOYWW, and next week we have a lovely interviewee and a fantastic giveaway.
~love, Vicki xxx


Jocelyn said...

Oh what a great interview...I just adore Ally and the Pink Ninjas!!!!

Maggi said...

Awesome interview, go Ally! :D

allyson joy said...

Thanks ladies - you're both so perfect!!!
Vicki - thanks for this fun interview!! It was awesome to take a break from my daily chaos to answer these fun questions!!! Thank you for choosing me!!! What a honor,, :-)

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hi Vicki!!! What a great feature on my girl Ally! Yes I call her 'my girl' cuz she knows I adore her- she is so talented, besides being absolutely adorable inside & out! Way to go Ally, keep rockin' the kits, you guys are awesome! xoxo

Carrie said...

great interview! ally is the BEST:)

Candy Shoppe Designs said...

I must need more sleep! I almost missed seeing the period when you said "and ive never been. funny,,," I noticed it after I was thinking to myself "yeah right!" LOL
My mind wondered again on the sentence from when you said you were 12 when you got your first sewing machine and started scrapbooking after the birth of your first child....I was like "whew! 12 is pretty young!" LMAO
Yeah, laughing at myself a lot today but noone's watching. heehee
Loved reading your interview Ally! You Rock girl! I :heart: you!