Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30 Days - Days 11, 12 and 13

~Happy Tuesday all,
~Sorry for the lack of post yesterday - it was a bit of a hectic day. Anyway I'm updating with 3 days of my 30 days challenge this time - I know it brings me a day ahead but I'll be doing WOYWW tomorrow so by Thursday I'll be back on track!!!! So here are days 11, 12 and 13.

~Day 11:
~Share a recent picture of yourself, this is one of me in February when I got my hair cut!!!! I haven't taken many pics of me recently.

~Day 12:
~ (source) whatever tickles your fancy. I decided to head over to Etsy and pick something out from the main page - I chose this gorgeous bag - I love the ruffles - perfect for spring!!!

~Day 13:
~A fictional book!! I chose Matilda, one of my faves and a definite classic from Roald Dahl!!!! I loved the movie too but the book is fantastic - it make great reading for every age.

~So that's 3 days worth - i can't believe on Thursday it will be Day 14 - nearly halfway there already.

~Ok so on Sunday I promised some beach pics of the boys:
~Robbie and Kristofer at the park, I love this traditional wooden park, and so do they!!!!
~We watched people on these things (can't remember the name!!!), they did it all afternoon on Sunday, I think they do it every week in spring/summer.
~Robbie on the bouncy castle - he had so much fun!!!
~Kristofer on the dodgem!!!! These things are sooo cute, and he loved it. I can't wait to get some photos printed for layout.

~Ok I'll be back tomorrow with WOYWW, and some layout!! WOW actually crafting. Today we are going swimming with 2 of my sisters and their kids, then having lunch down on the beach. I'm excited!!!! See you tomorrow.

~love, Vicki xxx


Jocelyn said...

Love the pic of you...you hair looks Fabulous!!!! The one of the bag on the door is soooo cute and Matilda....love that book!!!

The boys are so adorable....looke like lots of fun!!

Have a great day sweet friend!!! :-)

Linby said...

Great photos. Love the bag - don't you just adore Etsy, I could be on there for hours and usually am!