Friday, October 16, 2009

Such a BAD Blogger!!!!!

~WOW I have been SUCH a bad blogger recently..... so much going on and I've been VERY busy!!! But I thought I better get back to this and start again. So this is just a catch up post and then the next time I blog I shall show some pics of my nephew's birthday party which was on Wednesday (he was 1). Anyway between the end of August and 13th October........

~I started my swimming lessons which are going REALLY well.... I've learned backstroke, front crawl and breaststroke so far, I am loving it. I never thought I could get used to swimming so quickly but I have.

~College started the day after my 1st swimming lesson - it's been interesting. We had a few issues in the art class the first few weeks but they've been ironed out now.... and last week we did some ink painting - I'll take photos and put them up next time I blog (which I promise will be soon). We've also been doing a thing called Digital Stories using Photo Story 3 which is fun - you basically make a story to music using photos....... I'll try to upload mine to U-Tube when it's finished. We're on holiday for 2 weeks just now, although next week I'm helping out with a Halloween Holiday kids day at the local community centre and we're off on a trip next Thursday too - so it's all going well.

~Jay had her birthday, 37 years old!!! She's very glad her birthday is after mine otherwise she would turn 40 before I turn 30..... hehe. Anyway we went for lunch at the Italian restaurant which was good and then the day after we met up with Steve, Emma and the twins for lunch at a sausage restaurant - which is now my favourite place to eat in Edinburgh!! YUM!!!

~ I went and got bra sized because I realised I had changed size slightly - well I thought it was slightly!!! Haha...... I got a bit of a shock when they said I was a 42F, considering I was a D-cup the last time I got sized!! Anyway I went and bought some pretty new bras, which was nice!!!

~Jay and I have started christmas shopping..... and wrapping. YES we are that organised. There are alot of presents taking up our craft room right now. Between us we have so many people to buy for so starting last month made alot of sense for us. We've not got alot left to get, but we still have each other's presents to buy so I'll be going on a trip to Glasgow next month. We are also hoping to get an Ipod dock from Santa (hehe)...... as Jay got an Ipod touch for her birthday and I got this gorgeous Nano last week..............
~So I spent a few days organising music on to my Ipod - i have over 400 songs just on my computer, not even counting music I'll get from Itunes - it's fab. The only (small) bad thing about having an Ipod is that it makes me want to sing alot to it when I'm out and about.

~I haven't done much scrapping this past while, just 1 layout that I done when I was approached to do it for a friend's newsletter, so here is Hakuna Matata.............

~I used Basic Grey Lemonade for this one and the photo is from the Safari park. I have made some christmas cards too - which I'll get photos of and upload next time.

~Thanks so much for being patient with me and coming back to read my blog - I promise to keep it updated this time.
~hugs, Vicki xxx


Beth Perry said...

WOW! You have been busy!
That is awesome that you are taking to the swimming lessons so well!
Can't wait to see your musical story!
Have a great weekend!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i haveeeeeeee missed u girl!!!! U have been busy!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the LO!!!! One of my FAVE movies EVER!!!!! PERFECT TITLE!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jocelyn said...

So glad that you are back....I missed you!!!!! Love the the title!!!! You have been ever so busy and wowza..Christmas Shopping and wrapping already!!! You can come help me!!!! Have a great weekend!! :)

Ladybastard said...

heyyyyyyyyy really???
OMG so good to ear this :D

I am... said...

hehe arent bra sizings the worst?? i was sure i was a dd/e and then i always fall out so i got sized and they told me im a g/h i didnt want to believe it, haha so i didnt buy a new bra, i want to just keep squeezin in the eeees, cos all the big ones are ugly out here!

anyway enough about boobs!! lol
hope you are well.
i need to email you, which ill do now.
big hugs, and congrats on the awesome lessons going well!

Claireliz said...

Glad you're back hun. I love to sing but only do it at home when no-one is listening ( I sound like an animal in pain) However I now have Hakuna Matata stuck in my head... thanks for that LOL!!