Sunday, July 12, 2009

ANOTHER Birthday, Tummy Time and Some Toots!!!

~Evening all out there is Blog-Land :D :D.
~So last Saturday I went and stayed at my sister Lisa's house for the night, and went to Daniel's 2nd birthday party, here he is enjoying his big day..........
~Here is Clare with her very successful trifle..... she tried to make trifle once before, added to much water to the jelly and then tried to freeze it to make it set - the result....... flavoured icy watery jelly. But this one tasted good...........
~On Sunday, it was Lisa's birthday so I babysat for Jamie and Oscar while she went out for the day. Here is Oscar having tummy time, which he loves........
~Looking after him and Jamie was so much fun, I really enjoyed it!!!

~Here is my weekly challenge photo from Thursday, it's now week 27 - can you believe it?????
~I got money for my birthday from my sisters and I decided to buy this Lomo Fisheye camera, it's really cool. I'll get the photos printed soon and scan them in, so look out for that coming soon.

~On to my toots - 2 this week!!!! I was mentioned in August's Edition of Creating Keepsakes as the editors "other outstanding reader's whose work caught my eye", yay!!!
~And my 2nd toot? I was published in the Cardstock only section of the June issue of Scrapbook News and Review!!!!
~For this layout..........
~I was VERY excited to see my layout on the site. I have some more toots coming up in the next few months for several magazines - including one for my photography - so that will be coming soon!!!!
~Next up is some art!!!...... this is my layout for Scrap Around The Clock's DT challenge, if you remember I gave a sneak peek a few posts back, so here it is in full.........
~I did this layout for a sketch challenge over on Jean's Art Doll's, we're having a cybercrop at the moment, so stop over and join us!!!
~And FINALLY, i got my altered book started. I've only done the cover so far, but what do you think???
~This was my first use of gesso and I'm pleased with how it's come out. I used tissue paper as my bottom layer. The art letters are rubber stamps, that i WILL be using again!!!
~Anyway that's me for now, nothing much planned for the week ahead at the moment but hopefully I'll get lots of creating done.
~Thanks for stopping by and thank you for all the lovely comments - I got alot of yummy birthday messages on my last post so THANK YOU!!
~Vicki xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

GREAT photos and CONGRATS on the PUB and CK mention!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!! And soooooooooooooooo loving the LO's and the cover of your journal!!!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh and the NEW GIRAFFE BLOG LOOK!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE! :):):):):):):):):)

Beth Perry said...

YOWSA, BABE!!! Congrats on all the good news and I can't wait to see the upcoming "TOOTS"! LOL
Loving the layouts, but babe...seriously...that art journal... wow wow wow. Geez. That is killer amazing!!! I love it!
I also love all the awesome pics. So glad you had a great weekend.
Talk to you soon! :P

LG said...

Good day!

First of all, thank you so much for your continuous support and encouragement. You are such an angel. I am really blessed to have you as a friend.

Second, congratulations for the creative keepsakes announcement. you deserve to be recognized my dear

Lastly, your LOs is always gorgeous. you never cease to amaze me. i learn so much from your LO

Maggi said...

So much fun stuff to comment on here! First, those kids are too sweet! Congrats on getting published!!!!!!!! And I love your layouts and that book! I just started using Gesso myself!

Lisa T. Howard said...

WOW Vicki! I am actually speechless! Since I've only been visiting for a short time, I had not experienced your amazing talent full on! I knew you were super talented, but GEEZ! You are AMAZING! I just sat with jaw dropped as I read your Craftaholic run on Maggi's blog and now I come hear and if it is at all possible, my jaw dropped even further!

Congrats on your much earned publications! Looking forward to seeing more of your creative genius!!!

Anonymous said...

Vicki you are just rockin' it out girl! Congrats on all the pubs! How awesome is that?! You are a STAR there's no doubt about it.
The children in your life are so cute, and I love your sisters trifle story LOL so funny!

Lisa T. Howard said...

You are so very welcome. But please know that I meant every word. Not gonna blow smoke at ya! LOL!:)

iris said...

WOW!! Congratulations!! You deserve those "TOOTS".

Anonymous said...

Just popped over from Maggi's blog to check out yours! Love your work! And your name and that you spell it right, cuz that's the way I spell mine too! =o)
Have a great day!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hello Vicki!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow, your work is really beautiful! Major congrats on the pub & mention in CK mag!!! Yay! So nice to "meet" ya, I knew I loved ya once you mentioned gingerbread lattes!!!!!!! xOxO deb

I am... said...

congrats on the pubs!!! love the new layouts, and book :)

oh and yess got the email and will write back very soon ;) hehe you are SWEET!

Calia Yang said...

oh my vicki!!! he looked like he had fun and belly time = fun time! ^_^ I love your work!! congrats on on the pub and being mentioned in CK!! Totally cool!!! Thanks for letting me know about the blog change!! off to change your link!! ^_^ heheheheh *hugs* just got back from vacay - so hopefully my mojo will keep on flowing!