Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthdays, Books and Cyber Cropping

~Evening all,
~Well it's been a fairly busy week so far with more busyness to come YAY!!! Tomorrow I need to get organised for the crop on Saturday, then Saturday night is my sister's bodyshop party.... and the whole weekend we have Jaynee and Lori staying. Anyway back to the last few days.......

~On Sunday, we headed over to Steve and Emma's for the twin's 1st birthday party, it was a lovely little party and I had a great time, here are just a few pics.......

~This bee landed on me and stayed for about 20 minutes, I think he liked my dress......... ~Some cupcakes and THE caterpillar birthday cake.........~And Jake, covered in THE caterpillar birthday cake.... he loved it!!!
~Regular readers of my blog, know that Thursday is weekly photo day, so here is today's weekly photo........~The red book I picked up in a charity shop for my altered book and the butterfly one was on sale in WHSmith so I decided to buy it..... it's got lovely old fashioned pages so I thought it might be nice as another art journal.

~As you already know I've been taking part in the SATC Cybercrop this past week, and on Monday and Tuesday my challenges went up on the board!!!! I had so much fun creating these and giving other people inspiration through the challenges!! FAB!!! Anyway my first challenge was this:
~The Austerity of the 40's

~Picture the scene, you live in the 40's, in a time with very little supplies for anything...... that is my challenge to you. I want you to come up with a layout using the following criteria:
1. You can only use 1 sheet of CARDSTOCK
3. You can only use BASIC TOOLS
4. With regards to LETTERING - you can only use packs that are open, no NEW packages.
5. Make your own embellishments - you CAN use things you would find around the house for this - ie buttons, thread, safety pins, string etc
6. You can only use 1 colour of ink - this can be any colour you choose.
~Here is my example..........
~My second challenge was to do a vintage ATC, and the only specifications were to use ink and a title. Here is my example......~Last night I did Karen's challenge which was:
~18th Century Chic
~For my challenge, I want to take you back to 18th century France and the court of Marie Antoinette. A time of big dresses and big hair and over the top extravagance.So for this challenge I want you to create a LO, any theme you want but you must include 4 of the following items:
Layering of PP's
Hand Stiching

I was really inspired by this layout, and I really enjoyed doing it!! I used plenty of layering, lace, pins, flowers, buttons and bling on mine...... AND a pair of tights!!!! Here is my take on the challenge.........
~Anyway that's all for now, I will be back on Sunday or Monday with the weekend's going on's and some layouts (or whatever I do at the crop). Just 6 days to go until Giraffe experience - and for all those who asked - YES i will take LOTS of pics :D :D. Right I'm off to get some kits organised for saturday.
~Vicki xx


Jean Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by my world :)
I really enjoyed my visit to yours,love your style!!

stephanie said...

love the vintage looking bits.
ive never bought a doll from mimiwoo before, only shoes and socks, so this is a tester for me!

Jill Sarginson said...

Okay that is a fabulous layout and that ATC rocks!!!!! Fabulous job on both!!!! I've done ATCs once before but you are making me want to go and give them another try! :)

Sarah C said...

Hellooo, Does't Jake looks so scrummy even covered in cake!! That butterfly book is just gorgeous. I might see if my local has one tomorrow. Your LOs and ATC still look amazing :D xx

Michelle said...

I just love all those LO's you posted here on your blog!! They are just so beautiful!! Love how you used those pantyhose such a clever idea!! You really rocked that ATC!! What an adorable boy and loved the cake!! Looks and sounds like you all had a blast!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Claireliz said...

Fab projects as always Vicki.

janis said...

wow vicki!!! i love your layouts!!! and your ATC looks sooo good!!!