Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wedding Outfit

~So I have a wedding reception to go to in a few weekend's time, and I had to buy an outfit. Here is what I bought....

~This yummy dress....... (do you think it needs a belt?)
~and this GORGEOUS cardigan to go over it!!!!
~I love this outfit and I already have shoes to go with it and a bag too!!!!
~Nothing much else happening here, just hanging out at home for a few days then off to see Riverdance on Saturday.
~Vicki xx


my5bratz said...

loverly...I dont know, maybe try it all on together and then try with a belt that matches your shoes? n see how that looks...Im no help, never wear belts and most of my clothes are a great time :0)

Jenny said...

Gorgeous! I want that dress in red been lusting after it for a while but you may have pushed me, haha x x