Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Top 9 Layouts 2008

~This year, 2008, showed me returning to Scrapping. I took a break of over a year while I moved from England, back home to Scotland and worked through my illness. I am still ill, but my illness does wonders for my scrapping. I am enjoying it so much this time around and I feel that my scrap style has come on really well.
~I met my new BFF (lol) Jay, who helped me get started, gave me alot of new stash and showed me some new techniques. I also joined the local crop, which I love and it's given me confidence to go out and meet new people - so much so that I am going to start a digital photography night course.
~I have also set myself a challenge - I am going to record my year, using a photo a week and prompts from various places. At the end of 2009, I will have 52 layouts, of various (and probably random) photos, but it will give a little insight into my world!!!!
~Anyway I'm going to stop rambling on and say these are my top layouts of 2008, I can't wait to see what I do in 2009 and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers.

~Tree Hugger
~Skool Days
~Utterly Adorable You
~Little Stars
~Hobo Pigeon
~Goth Girl?
~And Baby Makes 3

~Vicki xxx


Julie said...

I love your layouts. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Lovely layouts hun!
What illness do you suffer from if you don't mind me asking? I have Fibromyalgia, ME and underactive thyroid and crafting def helps me get through some of ther tough times.

Kit said...

The layouts are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!

Pam said...

Great layouts Vicki-I love the Goth Girl one especially. Are you gonna join the flickr group to post your photo a day to.

Hope 209 is even better for you that 2008 and that you acheive your goals!